Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting back on track

It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post...and it's been about 2 weeks since i stopped exercising and eating well.

It's wierd, i had a really stressful time a few weeks ago, with my dad being sick and a friend passing away...and i still managed to keep on exercising and making good choices with my eating. But then the following week, when i had a great weekend away with a friend, i let myself go! My friend and i went on a shopping trip to the US (we're from Canada), down to Tulalip Washington to the Seattle Premium Outlet stores, which i have to say was amazing! We had been planning this trip for a while, saving our money for some serious shopping. I knew that my options would be limited food-wise, so i gave myself permission to not worry about what i was eating for those 2 days. The funny thing is, i didn't want most of what they had to offer, it was all fast food. But as i didn't come prepared with fruit and healthy snacks (which in hindsight i should have) i didn't have much choice. It was only for 2 days and i knew i could get back on track when i got home. The only thing is, i didn't.

I kept telling myself that i would start tomorrow. You all know that game...well it went on for 2 weeks. This morning when i got up i just decided that enough was enough. No more "starting tomorrow" and no more excuses. I had been sick yesterday, really feeling under the weather, and i didn't feel that great when i got up today. But i made myself a healthy breakfast and i sat in front of my computer reading your blogs for inspirations. It's amazing how much that helps. I'm going to get on my treadmill in about an hour and even if i have to take it slow, i'm going to move my body. I was doing the couch to 5k...almost got to week 4, and then i reverted back to the couch. I don't think that's what they had in mind when they created this program! LOL! I'm not sure what level i'll be at after 2 weeks of no running, but i'll do what i can and if i have to repeat a week or two, so be it.

AND...i finally got up the courage to climb on my scale. I honestly thought that i gained most of my weight back...i started at 201 and was at 195...well, believe it or not, i'm at 195! Granted, i'm sure i've lost some muscle and gained some fat, so i'm not going to be too overjoyed...but it did my mind some good. It's amazing how we can imagine things to be so much worse than they actually are. It's not like i sat and binged for 2 solid weeks...had i done that then yes i would have gained it all back, but i ate the same amount of meals i normally eat in a day, i just ate the wrong things.

You can have bad days, or bad weeks, but you can always take control back at any time. It's not easy...i know just have to regroup, find your focus again. Remember the reasons why you are doing this. You did it once, you can do it again!



  1. Hey Sandy, I linked to you through Bethany's Blogroll via the lovely lovely Lyn (Escape from Obesity).

    Just thought I'd send a shout out across the oceans (I'm in NZ).

    Your shopping trip sounds like excellent fun! LOVE outlet stores - especially when I'm transitioning through sizes (she says hopefully!).

    Best of luck for your next push onwards (and downwards on the scale). Thanks for sharing your progress. I get inspiration form people like you :)

  2. Hi Sandy,

    ] I have been going through a cycle of losing for a few weeks and then maintaining for a few weeks. Thank God I am not gaining. Losing weight is mentally exhausting to me. Just letting my mind rest for a couple of weeks is helping me in my weight loss efforts. I am still not making horrible choices...just not counting every calorie I put in my mouth. I just recently went through an emotional roller coaster and I just couldn't focus on weight loss. But, I didn't gain. Now, I am back on the weight loss train. lol. Good Luck to you!