Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going outside

The last few days i've been taking my exercising's been great! I did the hike with my friends a couple of days ago, and then last night i went for a nice long walk with some friends. The city i live in, Victoria, is the home of Canada's west coast navy. This year is the Canadian Navy's 100th anniversary and we have a bunch of ships from France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA here in Victoria for the celebrations. So last night we walked to another scenic park, Fort Rodd Hill, and watched some fireworks. They were awesome! We had front row seats...sitting on a log right on the beach...was a great way to spend the evening!

There are alot more things going on this weekend...and for once mother nature is being totally cooperative and it's gorgeous outside right now! So i'm going to leave shortly and spend the day in the sun :-) I just finished my C25k, which is about a half hour's exercise, but i'll be walking all over downtown today so i'll definitely get in my hour of exercise!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Sandy :-)

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  1. Hey!!! I was born in Victoria, how neat is that? Good job keeping up with your exercise, hope you had a good day.

    Cara :)