Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling really good!

I'm really feeling positive right now, i'm feeling that i can do anything!!

I know that i'll have days where i'll feel like crap, that's normal and i will deal with it when the time comes...but right now i'm just feeling amazing! I'm slowly seeing results, i just looked at my calves in the mirror, flexed them and wow! I bent down to touch them...yup...i have some serious muscle definition going on!

One of my friends mentioned seeing a difference in my face, not so sure that i can see it, but i'll take the compliment!

When i'm exercising, i find i'm pushing myself more. When i'm just walking on my treadmill, i've been playing with the incline, trying to get more of a workout with just walking...and it's working. I did a one hour walk 2 days ago that left me a sweaty achy mess...and i LOVED it!!!

My eating is going well. I went out to the pub last night for a friend's birthday, and i didn't indulge. I had a diet pop and water. I made sure i had a healthy dinner before i went out so i wouldn't be tempted to eat anything there. Someone was eating hot wings next to me...and i have to admit they happen to be one of my biggest weaknesses. But i wasn't even tempted! Might have something to do with the fact that a bunch of my friends are planning a trip to Mexico in September, and have invited me along. I'm not sure if i can go, i have to look into it more, but if there's a possibility of me going, then all i have to do is picture myself in my bathing suit and that seems to do the trick. It makes me want to bust my ass over the next 2 months and drop some more pounds! I'll keep you posted on what i decide...though i have to admit, spending my birthday in Mexico would be an awesome present to myself!

Hope everyone is doing fabulous and feeling as awesome as I am!

S :-)

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