Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still plugging away...

Wow! It's amazing how tired you can get from working one extra hour a day! Granted, I work 9 hour days to begin with so 10 hours a day will eventually catch up to me. I pretty much work, come home and work out, have something to eat, and then watch a little TV before i fall asleep. I fell asleep at 8:30 last night!!

I missed a workout on Tuesday, my ankle was still bugging me a little so i thought i'd give it a rest. I still get in my 6 days a week though :-)

I went and saw the A-Team on Tuesday night...what a great flick! Yes it's cheesy...but i loved the series and i don't think i missed a single episode. They did a great job...very action packed and funny! And YES i had popcorn...that was my dinner! LOL! I figured i'd eat it as my dinner rather than eat my dinner and have popcorn on top of it. I absolutely cannot go to the movies without having my popcorn! Maybe one of these days i'll say no to the butter though! I felt pretty gross after eating half a bag!

More good news, i've decided to go to Mexico with my friends! The deal that they found is just too good to pass up. I'm soooooooo excited! I feel so spoiled! First I get to go out to Halifax, Nova Scotia for 2 weeks to visit friends i haven't seen in over 5 years and the guy i'm currently having a long-distance relationship with :-) and then 3 weeks after i get back i head to Mexico for a week!'s my birthday while we're down in Mexico...i can't imagine a better way to spend my birthday!

All in all life is pretty good right now. I'm keeping fairly good with the food, though i do have the odd slip up once in a while. I'm loving being in the just motivates me that much more! It's been 5 years since i was in the 170s so that's the next goal! :-)

Hope all is well with you guys, keep talking with each other, it helps so much!!

Night night!
S :-)

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  1. Hi Sandy! Thanks for the comment today! I appreciate your kind words. Looks like you are making some progress! Good job! Keep up the good work!