Sunday, June 20, 2010

Woo hoo! Did week 4 of C25k!!

I'm sooooo proud of myself! I just did the first day of week 4 of the C25k!! It was definitely a big jump up from week 3, and i had to push myself...but I did it!!

This is my second go around of weeks 2 & 3. Just over a month ago i had finished week 3, and found that i couldn't push myself through week 4 so i created my own "week 3 1/2". Then i lost my focus for about 10 days, i wasn't exercising and eating well. But i picked myself up off the ground and started refocusing. I had to start over at week 2, and in no time i found it quite easy. I felt good doing week 3 and instead of doing my week 3 1/2 i thought to myself "just try week 4". Worst case scenario is you can't finish it and you step back and do week 3 1/2. No big deal. So i jumped on my treadmill with a "whats the worst that could happen" attitude...and i finished it!

Made me realize something:

My body is capable of far more than i give it credit for!

Once you get yourself moving on a regular basis, your body starts running efficiently, it starts being able to do so much more than you think it can. And that is the key word...THINK! My problem is mental, not physical. I THINK i can't do something, i give myself limits, i set myself up for failure. My body CAN do these things. It's my mind holding me back.

I need to start believing in myself.

I need to push myself mentally.

I need to realize that i can do ANYTHING i set my mind too!

This has been a very good day. And i'm actually looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I've exercised every day and i've stayed on track with my eating. I'm feeling great!

Til tomorrow!
Sandy :-)

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  1. Sandy, well done on getting to week 4 of the C25K, that's brilliant! I struggled when I did it at points, but you're so right about it being mental. When it came to it my stubborness came into play and I was determined not to give up, and was amazed that I could do much more than I gave myself credit for.
    I still can't believe that back in only January I could barely breathe after running three lots of 60secs lol, whereas now I regularly run 45mins non-stop.
    You're doing so well, and you know now you can also do so much more, keep going!