Monday, June 28, 2010

Down 1 more pound!

Yeah! I'm down 1 more pound. Maybe not my best week but it's heading in the right direction!

I did my first set of week 5 of C25k yesterday and it went well. Tomorrow will be the challenge though...i've never run for 8 minutes before. I'll give it my best!

Food has been going well. I'm trying to liven up my menu a little, not eat the same thing every day...though i do have my faves that i pretty much do eat every day. I just need to make sure i have variety so i don't get bored.

When i get bored with my food, i start getting sulky, start having negative thoughts like "it's not fair! why can't i eat what i want!" know, that inner voice that loves to whine and sabotage! I just have to make sure that i can find a way to deal with that voice. Right now my silencer is a white halter dress that i just bought to wear in Mexico! I've never owned anything like it! It's so pretty and feminine! The only thing is that it's a tad tight. It fits, but it's pretty snug across the midsection. My goal is to lose 10lbs by the time i go to Mexico (just over 2 months), and i know that the dress will fit perfectly then. So, i have a mini-goal to work towards. If i was at home for the next 2 months i know it wouldn't be a problem, but i'm going to Halifax for 2 weeks on vacation at the beginning of August, and this will make it a bit trickier. I'm going to have to be pretty careful with my eating and exercising. Still, i think it's a reasonable goal and i'm going to give it my all!

Stay strong my friends!
S :-)

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