Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm in the 180's!! Woo hoo! I busted my butt this past week and i was really hoping i could do it...and i did!

I don't know which i'm more happier/proud of...getting into the 180's or doing week 4 of the C25k! They both were great accomplishments for me.

Now i just have to remember this positive attitude and how good it made me feel on those days where i'm having a tough go of it.

This week will be a bit of a challenge as i'm working OT every day this week. Which means i won't be getting home til 6 or 7:00 at night. They don't offer OT very often so when it comes up you have to grab it. But i'll just make sure i add an extra snack to eat before i leave work so i won't be starving for dinner the second i get home and i can just jump on my treadmill right away. Planning is the key!

Just about to eat dinner now, then i'm going to go for a leisurly walk tonight...nothing too strenuous cuz i 've had a pain in my side most of the day. Nothing too bad, more like a stitch, but i think i'd better take it easy tonight. I'll still move my body for an hour, just gently :-)

S :-)

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  1. Well done on getting into the 180's! It's an amazing feeling when you move into the next 10 down isn't it.
    I think you did right going for a steady walk to give the pain in your side a chance to ease. Hope it's feeling better tomorrow.