Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 3 3/4 of C25k

What an emotional rollercoaster this week has been! My dad was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, a friend of mine passed emotions have been all over the place! But i can breathe easier now, my dad was released from the hospital yesterday and got to go home! Yeah! I went up and saw him in the hospital, it was scary seeing someone who seems larger than life be in a hospital bed hooked up to oxygen and tubes coming out of his body. But my dad is strong, and otherwise healthy, and even though it took the wind out of his sails, he's doing great! He lost 13 lbs in a week and a half...not the way i want to lose weight though!

The amazing thing to me is, usually when something happens that upsets me, it sends me spinning out of control. And the way i used to comfort myself was with food...but this time...i stayed on track. I made a consious decision to look after myself, to eat healthy and stick with my workouts, that was something i had control over. I couldn't change my dad being sick, or my friend passing away, but i could look after myself. I could make sure that i stayed strong and healthy. I realized that i couldn't be of help to anyone if i was sick or weak or feeling like crap. These are the times to be strong...and i am really proud of myself for being true to myself. I even went running outside for the first time! I usually run on my treadmill, and i have to say that running on the road is ALOT harder than running on my treadmill. I had to push myself more than i have before.

So, C25k...i had repeated week 3, then last week i was going to start week 4. Well, i was no where near ready for week 4. I couldn't run for the 5 minutes straight...but, instead of getting frustrated and giving up, i created my OWN week 3 1/2! I did that all last week, and this week i'm going to do my own week 3 3/4! Hey, whatever i gotta do to keep me running, i'll do. I think i should be ready for week 4 next week. And if it takes me twice as long to get through the 9 week program, i'm ok with that. It's the end result that matters, not how long it takes me to get there!

On another positive note, i've lost another 3 lbs!! Yeah!! I do my weigh-ins every 2 weeks. And after 4 weeks, i've lost a total of 6 lbs! That averages out to 1 - 1/2 lbs each week. I'm exercising, eating well, and i allow myself treats now and again so i don't snap and go on a binge. I have one FREE day a week, usually a Saturday, and i eat what i want. It seems to be working for me :-)

I've been reading alot of the posts here, and I realize that everyone has there own thing that works for them, there is no "one" thing, no wrong or right. Which kinda makes sense since none of us has the same body. Our bodies our different sizes, different shapes, we carry fat in different places, our metabolisms are different...there are soooo many factors involved. So my advice to anyone is this: use common sense. Eat well, move your body, and find what best works for you!


Sandy :-)

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