Thursday, May 13, 2010

My first bump in the road...

Been a pretty shitty week. My dad, who is 76, got a really bad flu...and then pneumonia on top of it. He's been in the hospital for the last 2 days. It really freaked me out. I was a couple of hours away from him, both my parents were telling me not to come...not to, how do you do that? I've always been a worrier, it's in my nature. Needles to say, i wasn't sleeping, my stomach was in knots. I've had to force myself to eat this last couple of that's a wierd feeling. Forcing myself to eat. Then it got worse...a friend of mine was in a motorcycle accident...he died. I'm so sad for him, i'm so sad for his wife, i can't even imagine what they are going through. It actually hasn't really sunk in yet...I think i can only handle so much and my focus is on my dad right now. I'm sure once my dad is on the mend, i'll have time to digest it, and I will grieve.
I had pretty much made up my mind to come see me dad, no matter what my parents said, and my mom called me today and asked me to come. So, I took some time off work, drove up island, and saw my dad. He's doing better, but he's still in pretty rough shape. It's hard to see him that way. He is having a really hard time being there, and they want to keep him for another 5 days or so...he looked at me and asked me if he would fit into the trunk of my car! Poor guy :-( They have him hooked up to oxygen, and on antibiotics, we had to wear gloves, masks and gowns, and all i could do was touch his sucks!!
My parents live about 45 minutes away from the hospital and my mom doesn't drive, so she was staying at some relatives in the same town. At least while i'm here we can go to the hospital, spend the day, and then i can bring her home so she can sleep in her own bed at night.
With all that's been going on, it would be really easy to slip back into old patterns...but i'm not going to. I was hungry, but i didn't stop at McDonalds like i would have before...i waited til we came back to my parents house and had some fruit and yogurt. I'm going to run tomorrow, which will be interesting cuz it will be the first time i've run outside, on a far i've only been running on my treadmill.
So, i've had my first "test", and i managed to get through it...maybe there is hope for me yet!

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