Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love my blog family :-)

I'm down another 1 1/2 lbs! Yeah!!

I have to say that this is one of the best things i've done to help facilitate a change in my life...starting a blog i mean. I have never found the level of inspiration i get from reading all of your blogs. And the support i get...wow! When i'm trying to figure things out, and i'm struggling, i turn to you, and i get some pretty amazing support and advice. When i was feeling frustrated, as per my last post, it did me wonders knowing that others have been where i am, and understand what i'm going through. And the positive encouragement helps me more than you know. So a big THANK YOU!!!!

This past weekend i went up island to visit some family. I made sure i did my run Friday before i left, and ran for my 25 minutes :-) Very hard, struggled, but made it through. Then i didn't work out Saturday or Sunday. But, i managed to stay on track food-wise, even at the bbq for my cousin's birthday on Sunday. Said NO to the cake and chips and dip! Granted, i had a hamburger, one cookie and some fruit. I think i did really good though!

Had a nice visit with my cousins, who i don't get to see very often, and made some plans to go up for a visit sometime this summer. Unfortunately though, we got some bad news too. We found out that my aunt, who is my mom's last surviving sibling (out of 9) has lung cancer. Its inoperable. :-( I feel sad for her, but i feel more sad for my mom. She was the second youngest and has had to watch all her siblings pass away. My parents aren't the "touchy feely type", they have a hard time expressing their emotions. I gave her a hug, but that's all i could do. My parents don't hug, they don't say "i love you", though i know they love me, they just have a hard time saying it. Maybe that's why my sister and i are extremely emotional people, we hug, we say I love you all the time to each other. I just wish there was something i could do for her, but there isn't.

I came home Sunday night, feeling tired and pretty down. I wasn't up to doing much of anything. I guess we all have those days. I worked some OT on Monday for a few hours, and then came home and worked out. Started week 7 of C25k, ran for another 25 minutes, and i have to say it was easier than it was on Friday, thank god!

I'm going to jump on my treadmill shortly, just walking while i watch some TV, but at least i'm moving. Gonna watch Losing it with Jillian tonight. That always gives me that kick in the butt i need.

Til next time!
S :-)


  1. Sandy,
    I have found the same thing with blogging - it has been the most amazing weight loss tool I have ever used. I really feel like you and I are doing this together also :) - I know we can both go all the way, and I really think it is going to be fun doing it "together". I am very sorry to hear about your aunt,cancer is so scary. My M.I.L. had lung cancer also, right now she is doing really well, but it was so hard to watch her go through it. She is also not so "touchy feely" so it was hard to know how to give her comfort. I AM very emotional! Anyway, I am going to end this novel now :) Great job this weekend, btw:)


  2. Great job on another 1.5 GONE! WHOOHOOO! :)