Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping it real

This week has been good, i've been doing my exercising, eating well...and today i treated myself...and the best part is i didn't go nuts and eat everything in sight! What i mean is, sometimes when i would eat something that i know isn't good for me, i would feel guilty, like i let myself down. And then this would usually lead to a binge, or at least a day of bad eating. But today, i had a cookie for a snack, i had sushi for lunch (which wasn't bad but probably ate more than i normally do) and had an ice cream cone in the afternoon. I realize that this isn't my best eating day ever...but i also realize that i'm allowed to indulge once in a while. I was over in my calories today, but not by much. I ate it, i enjoyed it, and i didn't feel guilty. I also told myself that this isn't something i'm going to do every day, but it's okay. That's a huge breakthrough for me. Maybe i'm finally starting to figure some things out. This is a good thing! :-)

I'm taking off to visit my family this weekend. I'll make sure i get a good run in before i leave, it will be the final day of week 6 of C25k and i have to run for 25 minutes!! Yikes!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
S :-)


  1. GO YOU on the NSV of not going "nuts" and I shall add a go you on the TWENTY FIVE MINUTES.


    because I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

    xo xo


  2. That's awesome!!! It's seems like you are doing really great, I am glad for you. Reading your blog has really been helping me get back on track lately :) Thanks!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend too!