Sunday, April 25, 2010

You always have choices

Hey all!

I believe i see a strange glowing object up in the sky...not sure what it is...but every once in a while those nasty clouds seem to be parting and i catch a glimpse...could it possible...oh my god, i think it is...the sun!! Hallelujah!! I've been hoping for this all weekend! It was pouring off and on all day yesterday, and i have to admit i'm a fair weather walker. And i'm really feeling an urge to get outside, need the ocean air!

Had a rough day yesterday. Was cooped up inside most of the day, and although i did my 30 minutes of walking, i ate like crap. I know that i made a conscious decision to not stress about my food right now, one thing at a time, but that doesn't mean i am not trying to eat fairly healthy. It's not my main focus right now, i'm not keeping track of what i eat, i will get to that eventually...but i let my emotions decide for me yesterday. And i was lonely yesterday. And what do us food addicts do when sad or lonely or angry? Eat. And a salad wasn't going to cut it. So, there I was, feeling lonely, bored, and instead of calling a friend to do something, i made excuses...i convinced myself that all my friends were spending time with their families and wouldn't have time for me. Hmmmm...have i turned into a pshycic? Doubt it. I probably should have just picked up the phone and actually talked with them...but it was just as easy to sit there feeling sorry for myself. Well, it's done. Nothing i can do to turn back the clocks. So, i have two choices...i can keep feeling sorry for myself and let the guilt take control of my life...or i can get off the pity-party train and make the right choice. I've decided i like the sounds of choice number 2 :-) Week 3 of Couch to 5k starts for me today. Kind of freaked out, going from jogging for 90 second intervals to 3 minutes is a bit daunting...but i'm going to do my best...that's all i can ask from myself. Then i think i'll call a friend and see if they would like to get outside and enjoy a walk down by the ocean. That sounds like a good day!

Catch up with you later!

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