Sunday, April 25, 2010

Couch to 5k...week 3

I started week 3 of the Couch to 5k today, it was definitely harder...but not as bad as I thought. The 3 minutes of jogging is quite a leap from 90 seconds, but as long as I didn't look at the time, I was fine. Just had my music cranked and focused on everything else but the time! It's amazing what you can accomplish with the right music! :-)

Then after doing a few chores, i met up with a friend and we went for a walk. We decided to walk a section of the Galloping Goose Trail here in Victoria. It's a 60 km hiking/biking trail that used to be an old railway line. It's got some beautiful scenery, and i love the smell of trees and grass, beats the exhaust from walking on the road! We're going to try and walk it once a week, and slowly increase our distance. I wasn't quite planning on walking that far, but once you get chatting it's easy to lose track. I have a sneaking suspicion that i'm going to be hobbling around work tomorrow, might have overdid it a wee bit. Oh well, I'd rather be stiff from over-use than be in pain from under-use!

So this weekend of mine ended up being pretty good after all! And to top it off, i'll be chatting with my boyfriend tonight on web-cam which is something that I always look forward too :-)

Keep up the good work everyone! And remember that you are not alone!


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  1. Way to go on week 3! I just did it twice and I'm very familiar with it now :) Cheering you on over here!